Cardinal Dolan wants @RealDonaldTrump to become ‘civilized’


Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s prayers haven’t exactly been answered when it comes to Donald Trump. The Archbishop appointed by Pope Benedict XVI,  read a Scripture at Trump’s abysmally attended inauguration in which King Solomon prays for wisdom to lead Israel according to God’s will. “I pray it all the time,” he told Catholic News Service in January and joked that “the Lord still hasn’t answered the prayer.” And today, when Dolan was spotted at the Shannon Airport in Ireland, he told an American tourist that he “wants Trump to become civilized.”

The tourist, who wants to remain anonymous, said “I asked the Cardinal if he could civilize him, and Dolan said that when Trump called to thank him for the inauguration prayer, he asked Trump to ‘be presidential.'” Dolan’s reply? “I’m still waiting.”



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