You down with GOP? Miami Congressman Carlos Curbelo sure was at Yo! MTV Raps (!) DC fundraiser



On the day that new figures showed that an estimated 51 million people will be uninsured under the House healthcare bill by 2026, some GOP congressmen partied with lobbyists and assorted Republican types Wednesday on the rooftop of The Willard InterContinental Washington for a fundraiser called YOPAC, which, according to our source, nobody seemed to know what it meant until they arrived to see Yo! MTV Raps vet Ed Lover on the mic. Strange bedfellows indeed, but the Yo! MTV Raps themed-party was all sorts of strange.

Oh, to be there when Naughty By Nature’s “OPP” started playing and Lover grabbed the mic, asking, “Are you down with OPP—Other Political Parties?!” Or, how about when Miami Congressman Carlos Curbelo, whose final swing vote was one of a few that helped pass the abysmal abomination known as the American Health Care Act or, as it should be known, TrumpCare, was seen singing along to A Tribe Called Quest with San Diego Congressman Duncan Hunter and later overheard saying he “really wanted to help his district get the very best medical care”?

Though there were no outright utterances of the I word, Curbelo proudly states that he was the first Republican to call for Trump’s impeachment.

According to Miami-based entertainment biz schmoozer Louis “Uncle Louie” Gregory, no one was rapping about politics. In fact Gregory said he and Duncan yapped about WWE legend Bill Goldberg, a client of Gregory’s and a constituent of the congressman’s. “There was no talk of anything but where we were when the songs came out. It was an amazing and surreal night.”

Emphasis on surreal, we’re sure.


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