Baywatched: Pamela Anderson gets bubbly at Wall, the Hoff hops on a Huffy

Screenshot (39)

Pamela Anderson wasn’t frolicking on the sand a la her old “Baywatch” days, but following the premiere of the celluloid version of the show that launched a thousand nips, the 49-year-old let loose at WALL in a gold sequined dress as she and friends celebrated the role that made her famous with a table of flowing champagne all night long. Anderson, we’re told, showed up around 1:30 p.m. and sat next to “one of the model promoters.” She also had “a LOT of champagne.”

The alleged girlfriend of Wikipedia troll Julian Assange wasn’t the Baywatch babe and about this weekend.

OG David Hasselhoff took his new mustache and 37-year-old British fiancée Hayley Roberts out for a bike ride on the Miami Beach boardwalk while back in LA, the other Hayley in his life–his 24-year-old daughter, was arrested for DUI. The Hoff, it seems, is always hassled about something. “Baywatch” the movie actress Kelly Rohrbach joined in on the festivities Friday at LIV with producer Beau Flynn and several production members. The crew bought four large bottles of Grey Goose and Patrón. Rohrbach was seen letting loose, dancing on top of the booth with a group of girlfriends.

Rohrbach’s table was surrounded by Wu Tang legend Raekwon and rapper Noreaga, both who both performed alongside French Montana, who was seen later over the weekend getting cozy with Amber Rose. Rapper Red Cafe and artist Alec Monopoly were also on stage for the party.


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