Did a talented Miami lawyer get shafted by Trump’s DOJ for his love of Jeb! or his expertise in foreign corruption violations, tax evasion & money laundering? Also: Miami Apprentice contestant out too


Poor Jeb Bush. Not only did he fail to beat his bully to the White House, but now his name is seemingly preventing an aspiring Miami-based US Attorney for the Southern District of Florida from reaching that brass (or is it orange?) ring. Former assistant US attorney at the DOJ John Couriel, who lost his bid for a seat in the Florida legislature, was a die hard Jeb! fan. So what, right? Well, Couriel, now a partner in Miami law firm Kobre & Kim, whose boyish looks draw comparisons to another guy he’s seemingly a fan of–Marco Rubio, was never overtly against Donald Trump, but he was no fan either, telling the LA times in November, “Our Republican base hasn’t known quite what to do with Donald Trump.”  Couriel, a Harvard law grad, wouldn’t say whether he was voting for Trump in a June Tampa Bay Times article, which also noted that he “avoids talk of Trump.” So what then? It’s not like the guy bashed the now-prez, but, says our Swamp rat (no, not Kellyanne), just by being Jeb’s biggest fan made him blow his bid for US attorney, well, bigly. It’s hard to believe that had anything to do with him getting passed over for the gig. You would think the fact that when he was a federal prosecutor in 2009, Couriel prosecuted several public corruption conspiracies, including a ring of fraudsters at the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles who were generating valid Florida driver’s licenses for illegal aliens, would have been an asset in this administration. But here’s the rub: in his current gig as partner at Kobre & Kim, he specializes in Latin America with—wait for it– a focus on allegations of foreign corruption violations, money laundering and tax evasion. A ha! See: #TrumpRussia.

Couriel isn’t the only one allegedly out of the running. Miami Dade County Commissioner Jose Felix Diaz, an attorney at Akerman, Chairman of the Regulatory Affairs Committee of the Florida House, and, probably his most impressive qualification to this president, a season 5 “Apprentice” contestant who sources say has been telling people he was a shoe in for the job, “bombed on his interview with the DOJ” and is out. Now they’re back to square one and two, with two new Miami names thrown into the ring for the job.

“This is a new era, this is the Trump era,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions told border patrol agents on Tuesday.


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