Ralph Lauren pressured into dressing Melania Trump for inauguration


What does the woman who wore a Gucci Pussy Bow shirt to her husband’s presidential debate wear during the inauguration? An outfit designed by a pussy designer who was afraid to say no to the wife of the future president because of a few things starting with I, R and S, perhaps? So says our snitch, who has confirmed this information to us exclusively. But before people go off on Ralph Lauren, give him props for putting his well heeled foot down and saying he’d only dress her for the actual inauguration. No fancy ball gowns, no evening wear, no frills, none of that. Not a recent decision, RL made up his mind to “only do a day outfit” sometime in late December. She called him. The decision was no prance on the polo field either. “He’s freaking out that it’s gonna blow up,” says the source, adding “He was scared shitless to say no.” This is definitely worse than his Olympic gaffe, that’s for sure, but yet, we’re not crying for the former Ralph Lifshitz. Not at all.


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