Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony to rendez-vous in Miami for New Year’s Eve?


It wasn’t the 17-year age difference that seemed off between Jennifer Lopez and Drake. It was just, well, everything. And while there were, indeed, pix of the alleged new couple posted suggesting that, perhaps, the two were more than just an icky rumor, we have just received some interesting intelligence that says perhaps it was just that after all, that maybe JLo didn’t cancel her NYE gig at E11EVEN to be with Drake, the hip hop version of Wilmer Valderrama, whose appeal is downright inexplicable to some of us, ahem, in Vegas. What we are hearing now is that maybe, just maybe, Lopez and newly single ex-hubby Marc Anthony will spend New Year’s Eve together with some old pals at a Miami riverfront hot spot. Who knows? It’s a lot more interesting to ponder the notion than to look at insipid photos of Khloe Kardashian working out at Body & Soul in Coral Gables. We’ll keep you posted.


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