Rick Ross buys his favorite Miami restaurant–Checkers in Miami Gardens

Rick Solo.png

If your Big Buford isn’t big enough, talk to The Boss. Rick Ross, along with his sister Tawanda, just bought his fave restaurant, Checkers in Miami Gardens.

“We’re incredibly excited to have Rick Ross and his sister Tawanda join our system.  His authentic love of the Checkers brand and his desire to give back to his community, are passions that we, as a company, share.  We look forward to many years of partnership and business success with Rick and his family.” said Scott Wakeman, Senior Marketing Director at Checkers.

Ross cites the Checkers at 2645 NW 183rd St in Miami Gardens as one of his favorite hometown hangouts and has vibrant memories from the eatery, beginning with his teenage years (the restaurant at this location first opened for business in December, 1989).

“As a rap superstar and business mogul, I am excited to embark on this new partnership with Checkers. I grew up eating checkers in my neighborhood so it brings me great pride to be able to represent the brand and help keep the culture alive. More importantly, I am happy to be able to create jobs and give back to the Carol City community – a community that has been a continuous inspiration in my life and helped mold me into the boss that I am today.”

This is not Ross’s first rodeo.  He has previously invested in Belaire champagne and Wing Stop restaurants.

Ross couldn’t wait to bring the partnership to life, and shot a video (password Checkers), all about it.

So, while y’all get fat, Ross’s wallet will get fatter. And hopefully that’s all that gets bigger. Ross lost 75 pounds after changing his diet and exercise. According to an interview in Men’s Health magazine, Ross explains how Checker’s fits into that diet, saying, he allows himself the fast food, but only between noon and 5 p.m. and only two or three days a week.


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